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Born Lois Pewterschmidt, Lois was brought up in a extremely wealthy household with her younger sister, Carol. Family Guy S9E9 Lois secret sex tape becomes revealed and this is what happened next. Sign in.

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Lois had something on her mind that she wanted to ask Peter. From Family Guy, Season 4 Episode 1 "North by North Quahog" Not owned by me. Used for entertainment purposes only. She is voiced by writer Alex Borstein and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the Griffin familyin the minute short on December 20,

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Born into the wealthy Pewterschmidt family aroundLois met Peter while he was a towel boy at the family country club. FamilyGuy #FOX This is owned by FOX No copyright infringement intended Leave your opinion in the comments, leave a like subscribe to the. Lois has had a stretch of being into shady business throughout Family Guy, from drugs and partying to making adult movies.

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Sign in. Brian and Stewie travel back in time to January 31, to change history, only to alter the past with dire consequences. After an incident at the Emmys, the FCC overreacts, so Peter decides to start his own cable network, until the FCC shut him down and start censoring his life.

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Stewie rocks my socks for he is soo evil and resents his mother, Lois. Family Guy - Brian Has Sex With Lois as Peter Content Owned By Fox No copyright infringement intended. FAIR USE. Copyright Disclaimer.

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It is revealed in the episode "Family Goy" that her mother is of Quahog, and in " Call Girl" Lois gets a job doing phone sex.

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When she meets Lois at their reunion, she tells Lois she has a proposal, Peter assumes she is talking about three-way sexual intercourse. When she shows up .

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Several times Lois has forced Peter to have intercourse with her, yet she sees nothing wrong with this as she believes men can not be forced to have sex.

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